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We identify, develop & deliver cost effective solutions that directly impact your bottom line.

Our team works on end to end solutions, right from a business or product idea to landing the product on your shelves. Based on your requirements, we undertake a comprehensive sourcing exercise identifying and vetting the right fit products and suppliers, managing product and packaging designs, branding, product sampling and quality control to efficient management of shipping and logistics.

When you try to source a product yourself, you will often end up with too many options and not knowing if you are connecting with the best and most suitable. This is where we come in and take away those ambiguities and uncertainties from you. Our team has years of experience dealing with and managing suppliers and factory relationships in Asia and an equally in depth understanding of the African business topography.
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We make sure our customers can focus on growing their business and leave the sourcing, procurement and supply chain management to us. We take it upon us to deliver the best product and service solutions to you.


So whether you are looking for complex product & brand development solutions, or just simple sourcing and logistics management services, we can help you reduce the complexities by managing them for you. Contact us today to learn more.


Contact us today to learn more.


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We do all the initial R&D and market research based on your requirements, then combing through our vast resources of supplier options, to deliver the best and most cost effective solutions to you.


Our team performs online and pre-shipment inspections while also taking care of country specific compliance requirements to ensure on time shipping & logistics management to your doorstep.

Supply Chain & Logistics.


Have your own source or supplier? Not an issue. You will still need to ensure that what you order is what you get. You will require our services, be it a factory audit, due diligence support or a pre-shipment inspection or simply managing the shipment and logistics.


Depending on your requirements, we can step in with tailor made solutions and take charge of your procurement & supply chain logistics. We will leverage our relationships in tandem with our understanding of end market dynamics to provide you with the best freight and shipping options.

Quality Management.


Our team of experts will take charge to ensure that all your quality parameters and country specific mandatory regulations including third party inspections are managed with efficiency to deliver the right product.

Project Consulting.

Business Meeting

We help you identify and vet plant and machinery suppliers, working together with the supply and installation of the machinery and also ensure a consistent flow of raw materials and consumables. 

Supply Chain & Logistics
Quality Management
Project Consulting

Why Us?

Technology has changed sourcing and procurement to a function. Businesses can now shorten this process at the click of a cursor. Decisions are made by what is seen through a lens called the internet. This leaves businesses with increasing supply related risks and gaps between expectations and execution. Procurement is approached as a quick fix cost reduction objective rather than a strategic value driver.


We at XPRO keep our ear to the ground and help businesses mitigate these risks. If your organisation purchases products or services, we will help you identify, develop and deliver cost effective solutions with a direct impact on your bottom line, increasing profits and adding long term value to your business. We have a deep understanding of the business dynamics of Africa and the sourcing & procurement complexities out of Asia.


​With our subject matter expertise, we go beyond the norms and collaborate with you to ensure optimum inventory levels, a high degree of cost control and strong after sales support. We do realise that your business strategies and ideas are key to your success and hence we offer various forms of market and product exclusivity. We are committed to guarding your business secrets.

Why Us

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